Why invest in Antigua?

Find out why the benefits go way beyond the beaches

Ask a financial expert about the benefits of investing in Antigua and they’ll testify to a financially stable and peaceful democracy; a forward-thinking, pro-business government; and a slew of tax advantages.

Ask any recent investor – such as a proud new homeowner – and they’ll vouch for a low crime rate; seamless international travel links; and some of the friendliest people on the planet.

What all agree on are low prices offering more bang for your buck than most regional competitors – and all set within the environs of the twin island nation’s sublime natural beauty.

Because Antigua & Barbuda is still developing, opportunities here abound. The government is approachable and actively seeking inward investment, so projects that meet certain criteria often benefit from generous tax incentives and other waivers. The country’s ‘open’ economy means there are no foreign exchange controls or other barriers to the repatriation of profits.

The Eastern Caribbean dollar is pegged to the US dollar, which helps with financial stability, while the strength of the Canadian banks represented locally provides a welcome level of confidence.

The cost of living is less than most of the world’s major cities and, when it comes to tax planning, the perks are plentiful too. Residents are only taxed on income earned in Antigua, rather than their worldwide income. Furthermore, passive income such as dividends and bank interest is entirely tax free for residents and there is no inheritance tax or capital gains tax (other than a small land value appreciation tax for non-citizens).       Antigua also has a relatively low rate of corporation tax and a very competitive suite of concessions available to new and existing investors.

Need any more convincing? A regional hub for air travel, getting to our English-speaking paradise is as smooth as our iconic local rum. Direct flights emanate from London, New York, Miami, Atlanta, Toronto and Frankfurt to name a few.

A former British colony – where enchanting Georgian ruins are a beguiling nod to yesteryear – Antigua still follows UK law. This has the bonus of making a property purchase a seamless process.

Throw in a plethora of intriguing historical sites, some high-energy Carnival festivities and countless top-notch restaurants and it’s little wonder that more and more people each year are choosing Antigua to put down permanent roots.



Further evidence of burgeoning confidence in our enchanting islands can be seen in a surge of large-scale projects by foreign developers. These include a US$250m investment into restoring Barbuda’s long abandoned K-Club by legendary actor Robert de Niro and billionaire businessman James Packer. Due to open later this year is the 79-suite luxury Hodges Bay Resort, while recent groundbreakings include the Waldorf Astoria-branded Callaloo Cay Resort and the US$40m Coconut Beach Resort by Marriott.

Increasing visitor numbers prove Antigua & Barbuda is “a destination to watch”, says Tourism Minister Asot Michael. Air arrivals soared by six per cent in 2016, while people coming from the USA alone topped 100,000 for the first time in history. The July 2016 bestowal of UNESCO World Heritage Site status to 18th century Nelson’s Dockyard and surrounding national park archaeological sites is likely to bolster this upward trend.

Luxury Locations’ CEO Sam Dyson says the introduction of the government’s citizenship by investment programme has helped attract a plethora of developers and investors to the islands. Ploughing one’s cash into an approved project entitles one to apply for an Antigua & Barbuda passport which means not just visa-free travel to more than 130 countries but various additional tax benefits too.

For Cheryll and Mike Rogers, from Dorset in England, who recently built a home at the Sugar Ridge resort, the country’s special qualities included a feeling of security in investing their savings here, coupled with Antigua’s genial laidback vibe.

The final ineffable aspect was simply that it was Antigua they fell in love with. And they’re far from alone. Complementing the nation’s breathtaking tropical scenery is an authentically Caribbean ambience and hospitable citizens who pride themselves on making newcomers feel like family.


Photo credit to Alex Rodhes, Scotty Mead, Tamarind Hills and Robert Sysa Moiola/Clickalps. 

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