How to prepare your property for sale

Antigua Real Estate Tips

Thinking of selling your luxurious property in antigua but are unsure if it’s worth the hassle? Here at Luxury Locations we are experts in Antigua & Barbuda Real Estate so you can sit back, relax and let us do all the hard work to sell your property for you!

Not only that, we love offering our advice on what you should do if you are looking to sell property and how to prepare your home for a viewing. So, get your selling experience off to the best possible start by following these top tips on how to prepare your home for selling:

Clear away clutter

Before anyone can view your property you must ensure that everything is tidy and cleaned. Any clutter lying around your property could put prospect viewers off making an offer, you wouldn’t expect clothes, food and other clutter to be left around luxurious mansion would you? A lot of property buyers in Antigua are expats, so first impressions are crucial.

There are two things you must keep in mind when clearing away clutter around your home before a property viewing to speed the process:

  1. Think about what you would like to property to look like if you were the person attending a viewing. What would put you off buying the property and what can you do to declutter this?
  2. Try to make your property ‘show home ready’. This is easier said than done if you are still living in the property during the selling process. But regulatory cleaning and tidying up will help you keep on top of this.

Should you redecorate?

You may think to yourself ‘I don’t have the budget or time to completely redecorate my property ready for selling’. In most cases, you won't have to completely redecorate to make a good impression, you could simply repaint the interior of your home with neutral colours. This will help viewers to imagine what the property could look like with their personal touch, rather than being thrown off by a colour scheme and interior design that clearly doesn’t suit them.

Inspect your property

If you are planning to sell your antigua property now is the time to ensure your home is up to scratch with all necessary safety procedures.

If there are any faulty electrical items, you will want to fix these because when people attend property viewings, they will be looking for the least amount of problems that will need fixing, this can be a major decision maker.

Find the right real estate agent

Finding the right Antigua Real Estate Agency is the most crucial factor when it comes to selling your property. You need a company that knows the island inside out, with a lot of experience, understanding and professionalism to ensure that your property is sold in the best possible way.

Here at Luxury Locations we are dedicated to providing our clients with the most professional real estate service available. We will understand your property needs and guide you in the right direction so you can sell your property with ease.

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