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Founded as a boutique Antigua real estate agency in 2009 by Nadia Dyson, Luxury Locations Real Estate Antigua has since grown into the most prominent real estate sales agency in Antigua.  We offer land and property sales in Antigua, luxury villa rentals, property managment, and land development consultancy services. 

From the inital small agency in 2009 we have grown to become the leading agency for Antigua real estate.  We have won international real estate awards almost every year since 2012 when our current CEO Sam Dyson along with Nadia Dyson implemented a strategy of growth for the business and long term value for our clients.

Believing in a philosophy of integrity and professionalism, qualities often lacking in the Property industry, we offer our clients a personally tailored service with a level of customer care unprecedented in the real estate sector. Taking pride in our excellent bespoke service to both vendor and buyer, we seek to retain only the finest properties available in Antigua. Whether it is a stunning beach plot or a lavish hillside estate, each property must have the following three qualities - location, location, and of course, location.

"Our success lies in the fact that we spend quality time with each individual ensuring we have a clear vision of the clients' property and real estate needs."

As many of our guests are pressed for time we make sure the time they spend with us is highly informative and unforgettable. Whether you choose to buy property in Antigua or not, it is our aim to create lasting relationships that may refer back to us at another time.

antiguathumbsWe offer our property vendors the most up-to date marketing partnerships with specialist real estate companies around the Caribbean, UK, USA and Canada. Exquisite properties warrant first class attention which is exactly what we offer to you and your home.

Although an Antigua-based company we have strong links with many other Caribbean islands. So if the beauty of the Caribbean is calling but choosing where to go is proving a challenge, let us help you decide where your dream property is.

About Nadia Dyson Founder - Nadia began working in real estate in Antigua in 2005 with an initial introduction through time share sales.  After a short period she realised that the overall value of the offering was not in the best interests of many clients, being unsatisfied with those propositions she moved to real estate sales.  For four years Nadia was one of the top selling agents in Antigua working with JHR real estate, the most successful agency at the time.  In 2009 she had bigger dreams and launched Luxury Locaitons providing the best market oportunities for sale and property managment services for high value properties.  Since that time Nadia has consitantly been the highest selling agent in Antigua for high value property.

About Sam Dyson CEO - After completing his MBA studies at Henley Business School and working as a consultant in Antigua until 2012, Sam joined the Luxury Locaitons team initially to assist with the production and writting of the Luxury Locations Magazine.  What started as a short term plan to produce the magazine, quickly transformed into a stellar partnership generating sales of over US$100m in less than three years.  The partnership has continued going from strength to strength winning multiple international real estate awards by consitantly providing the best real estate services in Antigua.

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Portofino Offices, Jolly Harbour, St Mary's, Antigua

T: +1268 562 8174

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