Publishing and Marketing

Although real estate sales has always been the primary activity of Luxury Locaitons, our property and lifestyle magazine, "Luxury Locations Magazine" has had unparrallelled success and popularity in Antigua for over a decade with more than twenty issues and over 20 milliion pages distributed.

Due to the success of Luxury Locaitons publishing we have been engaged by third parties to publish magazines on thier behalf including the Citizenshship by Investment Unit, the Antigua & Barbuda Hotel and Tourism Authority and the Halo Foundation.  In additiona to magazine publication Luxury Locaitons offers ancilary services related to publicaitons and printing marketing materials which our inhouse design team can create, design, print and deliver to Antigua.

Our marketing services work in parrallel with our publishing services with Luxury Locaotns being engaged by several large scale develoopments in Antigua to set up and structure all marketing aspects from branding, logo design, market research, website services, social media and all other services that might be required by a real estate developer.  Luxury Locaitons created and designed the brand, slogan and marketing concepts for Pearns Point as well as created all the branding and marketing materials for Sugar Ridge Homes, to name just two.

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