Buying Property in the Caribbean - A Beginner's Guide

Well, you made the first step!  You are now enroute to your Caribbean dream property, there may be challenges on the way but it will be well worth it.  

There are so many exceptional properties for sale in the Caribbean it is hard to know where to start and what property is the perfect fit for you.

With associated agencies across the Caribbean, at Luxury Locations we are perfectly suited to finding you the right property for your needs and ensuring that you always have a professional team to guide you through the buying process.

The buying process is slightly different almost all the islands across the Caribbean each of them having their own slight differences in processes and procedures as well as costs.  

You can find a buying guide to each of the islands by clicking the Buying Guide for each particular country under the Locations tab you can choose a locaiton and get to the buying guide from there.  These property buying guides will give you an overview of the process and an understanding of the legal requirements for purchasing property in each particular Caribbean jurisdiction. These guides are designed as an overview to give you some insight to the process and cost.  Once you have a good idea on your perfect location you should always speak with us so that we can put you in touch with the right people to make sure you get the right information and have a professional team behind you.

Working with our associated agents across the Caribbean we are able to allow you to cut through the workload and get straight to the enjoyment of finding the perfect property rather than researching property taxes, conveyancing fees, visa requirements and rental returns.

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