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Ten reason to live and invest in Jolly Harbour, Antigua

Jolly Harbour occasionally gets a bad rap from those who do not appreciate all that this small west coast private community has to offer.  So for all those nay sayers or those who are thinking of renting or buying a property in Jolly Habour here are ten great reasons to choose Jolly Harbour for residential investment or your home from home.

1.  Year Round population: 

Unlike many communities in Antigua and the wider Caribbean which sees a relatively seasonal and transient population, with many conerbations flipping between booming hubs, where there is no chance of eating without a prior reservation, to ghost towns with the expectation of tumbleweeds rolling through the streets to the sound of mysterious whistling.  Jolly Harbour however has a year round community of people who call it home 365 days per year, this means that many of the bars, restaurants and shops are open for the vast majority of the year making it ideal to visit at any time of the year, low season or high.

2.  “The West Coast is the Best Coast”

It takes only minutes by boat or a quick glance at Google Earth to see that the west coast of Antigua has the vast majority of the reported 365 beaches that Antigua is famed to have.  Not only that but the majority of those west coast beaches are white sand beaches with tranquil Caribbean waters.  And it is not just opinion that the west coast is the better coast, it is primarily due to the weather and surrounding seas, with winds typically moving from the east to the west over Antigua which has shaped the island and many other Caribbean islands in the same way.  Much of the east coast tends to be rocky with rougher waves and stronger winds whereas the west coast has many protected beaches, calm waters and less wind.  Jolly Harbour is roughly in the middle of the west coast with at least thirty white sand beaches within a two miles of the harbour.

3.  Shopping:

Perhaps not the most exciting point to make your life interesting however, Jolly Harbour boasts a whole host of shops and services that are available year round.  Now that may not seem important to the average person but having a full service supermarket on you doorstep open 7am – 9am every day, does make life very convenient.  Likewise there are numerous bars and restaurants, and buying fuel for the car, getting a haircut, going to the pharmacy, buying art, renting a car, playing tennis, golf or even arranging scuba diving are all within walking distance for the resdents of Jolly Harbour

4.  Being on the water

For those who like the water there is nothing better than living close to the water or right next to it.  For the nature lover the harbour is always home to pelicans, tarpon and quite often a dolphin or two which can be viewed from many living rooms around the harbour.  For most properties in Jolly Harbour the water is just a stones throw away if not on the doorstep with many properties having their own dock for boats up to 40ft.  For the boating or sailing lover it does not get better than having your own boat right in front of your property at zero monthly mooring or docking cost.

5.  Value for Money

Real estate prices for properties in Jolly Harbour are very competitive considering what is offered for the monent.  Across the Caribbean many locations are out of reach for the masses on a tighter investment budget however in Jolly Harbour you can snap up a bargain two bedroom water front property with docking space for a 40ft boat for around US$200K. 

6.  24/7 Security

Jolly Harbour is probably one of the safest places to live in the Caribbean, with gated access, speed limits of 10 – 15mph and 24/7 security patrols throughout the community crime is not something people are concerned with.  Coupling that with Antigua being one of the safest islands in the Caribbean region and you have an ultimate safe haven to relax and enjoy your perfect Caribbean property.

7.  Community

The residential community in Jolly Harbour has a large percentage of owners living year round and a very active local population, so for those living in Jolly Harbour there are always friends near by.   From the free drive in cinema once a week to Santa arriving by helicopter  on Christmas Eve there is always something to do and people to socialise with.

8.  Pool, Tennis, Golf, Gym, Squash and more 

Within the Jolly Harbour Community there are a number of amenities available for residents, homeowners and guests of homeowners so staying active is very easy.  The 25m swimming pool is free of charge for all those who wish to use it, coupled with the four tennis courts, an 18 hole golf course, gym, squash and water sports including jet skis and sailing you will never be far from something to keep you fit and ready for another night out! 

9.  Property Rental Returns

Returns on investment for homes and properties in Jolly Harbour tend to be higher than those elsewhere in Antigua.  One of the main reasons for these high rates of returns is the fact that Jolly Harbour does have a lot to offer its residents and holiday makers due to having everything in one place.  An average two bedroom waterfront villa in Jolly Harbour with the right management and care can produce an income and cover all costs as well as profit for holidays and more.

10.  Direct flights from all over the world

 Although it may seem a less significant point however it does mean more holdiday and less travel time, and with many holdiay makers only taking seven days, a transfer or second stop can real eat into that holiday time.  Jolly Harbour is only thirty minutes from VC Bird International Airport.  Daily direct flights to an from major international  airports means that when in Antigua you are only one short jump to New York, London, Miami and Toronto, so holiday makers and visitors spend less time waiting for transfers or sitting on runways.  VC Bird International, Antigua, being a transport hub of the Caribbean also means that almost all the other islands in the Caribbean can be reached by taking a single flight from Antigua making it a perfect access point to visit the rest of the Caribbean.  The convenience of being one flight away from New York, Toronto, Miami and London on a daily basis with easy access to all other all parts of the Caribbean make Antigua a perfect choice for would be residential property investors and holiday makers alike.

 So there you have it, the top ten reasons to live and invest in Jolly Harbour.  There are of course many more reasons to live in Jolly Harbour and everyone will have their own reasons to call it home, from the beaches to the amazing sunsets Jolly Harbour has something for everyone.