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The Nomad Digital Residency program or NDR is a two year visa available for those who wish to live in Antigua and can work remotely deriving income from outside of Antigua & Barbuda.

The program is generally targeted at those who are able to work online and their work is not location specific due to their online activities.  One of the major advantages of the program is that there is no personal income tax in Antigua and as such successful applicants may be likely to pay significantly less worldwide income tax, (depending on country of origin).

The application process is very straightforward but does require that an individual prove that they do have a source of income in excess of US$50k per year so as to support themselves in Antigua.

The NDR team in Antigua is a small professional group of immigration experts who assist all applicants to apply for the NDR and their two year visa. 

It should be noted that the visa allows for residency for two years but does not allow for gainful employment in Antigua, all income should be derived from offshore.

The costs for the visa start at US$1500 for an individual and US$3000 for a family.

Please watch the video for the most detailed information on the program and how you can begin enjoying the Caribbean and all Antigua has to offer.

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