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Hey Everyone! This weeks Tuesday Chat - "Do's and Dont's of Property Purchase " - Tuesday Chats (Ep.4)

Nadia shares her expert knowledge on the Do's and Dont's when it it comes to purchasing a property here in Antigua! Each week Sam & Nadia will delve into various topics related to property and real estate in Antigua and the Caribbean region, such as property market insights, investment advice, new developments, managing property in the Caribbean and much more!

Tune in next Tuesday for more property insights from the experts.

Below is some key points to consider when purchasing a property in Antigua!

  1. Work with a reputable agent: - Choose a licensed agent and consider their Google reviews. - Ensure they are registered for ABST and follow the ONDCP government guidelines on their AML procedures.
  2. Thorough inspection: - A professional builder can provide accurate quotes before your investment. - Experienced builders and surveyors can assess the property and estimate repair costs.
  3. Consider the location: - Explore the entire island with your agent to find the ideal location. - Visit local restaurants and coffee shops to experience the area firsthand.
  4. Don't overlook maintenance costs: - Factor in ongoing expenses such as gardening, utilities, and repairs. - Property management companies can provide detailed cost breakdowns.
  5. Rental income potential: - Even if you plan to keep the property for yourself, choose a location that can be rented out. - Determine the rental potential and associated costs before making a purchase.
  6. Seek professional advice: - Consult with a knowledgeable agent to understand rental income and utility bill estimates. - They can guide you in finding the best location based on your preferences. By following these guidelines, you can make an informed decision and find the perfect property in Antigua!