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Hey Everyone!

Hello everyone, and welcome back to our Tuesday chat.

Today, I am absolutely thrilled to introduce you to Scarlette Douglas, an incredible Channel 4 property presenter. She's here to share her expertise, offer some valuable property tips, and give us insights into her own exciting projects.

Each week Sam & Nadia will delve into various topics related to property and real estate in Antigua and the Caribbean region, such as property market insights, investment advice, new developments, managing property in the Caribbean and much more!

Scarlette and her brother are hosting a show called 'Worst House on the Street.' The concept revolves around homeowners who've purchased the least attractive house on the most desirable street. Their mission is to help them renovate these properties without going overboard on expenses. They focus on achieving a high-end finish without breaking the bank. At the end of each project, they reveal the added value these renovations have brought to the homes.

What are your top three tips when considering a property?

For those looking to sell their property, my top three tips would be:

1. **De-clutter:** A messy and cluttered space can be off-putting to potential buyers. Clearing the space makes it more inviting.

2. **Staging:** Present the property in a way that's visually appealing and welcoming. While not turning it into a showroom, aim to create an environment where people can envision themselves living comfortably.

3. **Create a Pleasant Atmosphere:** Ensure the property smells nice. Sometimes, homes might have lingering odors from pets or other sources. A pleasant smell, like freshly baked goods or soothing scents, can make a space feel inviting and homely.

What advice would you give someone looking to buy a property?

When considering purchasing a property, here are a few key things to keep in mind:

1. **Location and Amenities:** Consider the property's location in relation to amenities, schools, and other essential facilities. Is it in a convenient area for your needs?

2. **Future Potential:** Think about the space the property offers. Could you potentially extend it, convert the loft, or make other changes that align with your future plans?

3. **Affordability:** While it's exciting to find your dream property, always ensure that it's within your budget. Straining your finances for an ideal property might not be a wise decision. Starting small and building up could be a more practical approach.

Thank you, Scarlette, for sharing your insights and tips with us. It's been an absolute pleasure having you here.

To our listeners, whether you're buying, selling, or just looking to upgrade your living space, Scarlette's advice is a treasure trove of wisdom. Remember, the key is to find that sweet spot between your dreams and reality. Tune in next time for more exciting discussions and valuable insights!