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Top 5 Reasons to Buy Property in Antigua


Antigua is a beautiful island in the Caribbean that makes up one of the two parts of the nation called Antigua and Barbuda. Surrounded by amazing coral reefs, Antigua is popular among tourists because of its wonderful beaches, cruises, water sports, romantic getaways, and carnivals. Antigua can be a great option for you if you are looking for a destination to buy a second vacation home or an investment property. Here are top 5 reasons why Antigua is perfect for buying an investment property.


1.    Strategic location and affiliations

Antigua is in Leeward Islands in the Caribbean Sea. It is close to both Europe as well as several North American countries. Antigua is not only a member of the UN but also British Commonwealth. Its strategic location makes Antigua suitable for business purposes and as a vacation home.  Thousands of families come to enjoy unforgettable Antigua holidays every year.


2.    One of the most beautiful places in the world

Tourism is the mainstay of the economy of Antigua and thousands of Tourists come here by air and on cruises every year. You can expect warm and sunny weather conditions all round the year if you live in Antigua. It boasts stunning beaches with white sand and turquoise blue waters. Antigua is the most popular destination for Caribbean holidays.


3.    Offer of citizenship Antigua

Antigua and Barbuda government offers citizenship to investors who invest a minimum amount of money by donation to a charity or through investment in real estate. Called Citizenship by Investment (CBI), this program is an alluring reason for many wealthy individuals to invest their money in Antigua real estate. You must donate a minimum $100,000 to a charity or invest at least $400,000 in Antigua real estate to secure a lifetime citizenship of Antigua.


4.    Visa free travel

By investing in Antigua real estate, you get citizenship of Antigua that allows you to travel visa free to more than 100 countries of the world including EU and UK. There is no minimum stay in Antigua requirement for you after obtaining its citizenship. If you have a desire to travel around the world, Antigua passport can be a wonderful tool for you.


5.    Prospect of attractive rental income

By buying a luxury villa in Antigua, you can not only have a wonderful time during vacations but also hope to earn attractive property rental income from tourists coming to this paradise island in huge numbers.  There are a variety of different property management companies who can service your home from home so that you can enjoy your return on investment in the knowledge that your second home is in good hands.

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