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Antigua is one of the major islands that make up the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda. If you are considering moving to this beautiful island, you won't be disappointed as there is so much to see and do here! Even if you are just looking for a short term rental in Antigua, once you have visited the island, you probably won't want to leave.

Top things to do in 2018

When you think of the Caribbean, what comes to mind? The white sandy beaches and nothing much else? There is so much more to Antigua than meets the eye! If you visit the capital of Antigua, St. John, you will find a shoppers paradise from local boutiques to duty free shops. Want to know about the history of Antigua? Check out their local museums and its 19th century cathedral.

Go to the beach

Although Antigua is renowned for its many beaches, one that stands out most is Valley Church Beach in Jolly Harbour. With is calm waters and long stretch of sandy beach, you will marvel at the beauty of this west coast treasure.

Shirley Heights Lookout

Shirley Heights Lookout is one of the most famous views on the island of Antigua that overlooks English and Falmouth Harbours. Shirley Heights Lookout is a former military lookout, which is now a bar and restaurant. If you’re looking for the best nightlife on the island, Shirley Heights Lookout is home to the biggest and best party on the island every Sunday from 4pm.

Hell’s Gate Island

Hell's Gate Island is a stone arch on a small island located in the north of Antigua which can only be reached by boat. This is a must see attraction if you are exploring the islands natural beauties, you can even go for a swim in the caves pool if the sea isn’t too rough.

Museum of Antigua and Barbuda

If you want to get to know the history of Antigua and Barbuda visit it’s dedicated museum located in Antigua’s capital, St. John. The museum building was built in 1747, making it the oldest building that’s still in use within the city. The museum displays Arawak and colonial artefacts recovered on archaeological digs on the islands.

As you can see, Antigua has a lot to see and do so whether you are planning on buying a luxurious property in Antigua or looking for a short term rental, there is something for everyone. Contact Luxury Locations today if you would like to know more about the Antigua property market.