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Stingray City in Antigua is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Antigua and one of the best things for tourists to do while visiting the Caribbean.

These massive stingrays can grow up to 200lb but are very docile and are happy to be held. A trip to Antigua would not be complete without a visit to Stingray City.

Visitors to Stingray City can enjoy seeing these massive animals up close and personal, and for those brave enough the stingrays can even be cradled in the water.

These stingrays are big! They are Southern Stingrays and the females grow almost twice as big as the males, and can weigh over 200lb.

The rays are very friendly and although they do have a barb on the tail, no one has ever been stung at stingray city, despite thousands of visitors a year.

It is worth noting that stingray city is just an area where the stingrays congregate, they are not enclosed and are free to interact with the visitors as they wish.

After a short safety briefing we head out with our guide Scooby Doo to meet the Rays

As you saw these southern stingrays are massive, the females can reach over 200lb and almost 6 feet across. Although they do have a barb on their tail, no one has ever been stung at stingray city despite the thousands of visitors a year.