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Boom & Admirals Inn in Nelsons Dockyard, English Harbour by Luxury Locations Antigua

We arrived to Boom by car, however it is possible to arrive by boat via Admirals Inn, Nelsons Dockyard, which is just across the water.   

Boom is so named due to the Gun Powder Magazine that dominates your view at the end off the sweeping driveway.
Boom aka The Gun Powder Suites, as well as Admirals Inn across the water are historic buildings dating from the 18th century in a secluded section of historic Nelson’s Dockyard in English Harbour on the south coast of Antigua.   
Our plan was to have a quick look around the gun powder magazine which is now converted to hotel suites and then have some lunch by the pool.
The suites in the gunpowder magazine were surprisingly spacious and airy with balconies overlooking the pool and over to the historic dockyard.  
Located in a secluded area in the grounds there are additional new suites which are not part of the historic buildings.  These new water front cottages are perfect for a quiet tranquil holiday.
Just before lunch we decided to take a quick trip over to Admirals inn by boat to see Nelsons Dockyard.
The main building was completed in 1788, four years after Nelson arrived in Antigua.  The building was used for storage of pitch, lead and turpentine.  The upper floor was used as offices for the engineers at the dockyard.
The pillars that can be seen used to be the support for a large boat house with a sail loft above.  The rounded caps were added after the boat house was destroyed so as to prevent erosion to the remaining pillars.
The boat service between the two locations means that both are accessible on foot from Falmouth Harbour and English Harbour.
There are 23 rooms and suites in total, two restaurants and bars and Boom has an infinity pool.