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We love helping property owners to attract guest to thier properties, so here are the top ten things that you should do to make your Caribbean property attractive to holiday rental guests:

  1. Highlight your property's location: Since many people come to the Caribbean for the beaches and the tropical climate, it's important to emphasize your property's proximity to these attractions. Make sure to mention any nearby beaches, parks, or other popular tourist destinations.

  2. Offer amenities: Make sure your property is equipped with all the amenities that guests are looking for, such as a fully-equipped kitchen, comfortable beds, air conditioning, WiFi, cable TV, and a washer and dryer.

  3. Focus on cleanliness: Make sure your property is sparkling clean and well-maintained. Consider hiring a professional cleaning service to keep things tidy and fresh for your guests.

  4. Create a welcoming atmosphere: Make your guests feel right at home by providing welcoming touches such as basic necessities, a welcome basket, or a bottle of wine.

  5. Provide outdoor spaces: Guests coming to the Caribbean will likely want to spend time outdoors, so make sure your property has a comfortable outdoor space where they can relax, whether it's a patio, balcony, or garden.

  6. Highlight local activities: Give your guests ideas of things to do in the area by providing information on local activities, such as water sports, hiking trails, and cultural events.

  7. Offer concierge services: Providing concierge services, such as arranging transportation or booking activities, can help make your guests' stay more enjoyable and stress-free.

  8. Consider security: Make sure your property is secure, with locks on all doors and windows and a security system if possible, to help your guests feel safe and comfortable.

  9. Provide clear instructions: Make sure your guests have all the information they need to enjoy their stay, including clear instructions for how to use appliances and access local amenities.

  10. Offer a personal touch: Stand out from the competition by offering a personal touch, such as a handwritten note welcoming guests to your property or providing them with a list of your favorite local restaurants or activities.

And last but certainly not least, appoint a property manager to undertake all the above for you so you can enjoy your property when you visit, know it is in good hands when you leave and provide you with a great return on your investment.

Villa Managment Ltd can undertake all of the above for you and make your Caribbean property a dream holiday spot for holiday makers from around the world.