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Luxury Locations is proud to announce that we have been selected by the Antigua & Barbuda Hotels and Tourism Association to produce their magazine. With over a decade of experience in publishing in Antigua, we are well-equipped to create, publish, and distribute the magazine on behalf of the ABHTA.

The publication will feature 110 to 140 pages of high-quality, curated content, accompanied by stunning visual images that showcase Antigua and Barbuda and all that it has to offer to tourists.

Our new concept for the ABHTA magazine focuses on tourist-centric businesses and advertisers. The magazine's primary objective is to showcase the businesses set up for tourists' visits to Antigua & Barbuda, making it an invaluable resource for tourists planning their holiday. The magazine will be both readable and informative, providing tourists with all the information they need to plan their visit.

To ensure maximum exposure for advertisers, we have created The Readers Journey, which follows a natural flow of tourists' immediate holiday requirements to things they may not initially think of, then moves towards future visits and investment opportunities. This approach emphasizes businesses providing services for tourists, giving advertisers a significant return on their marketing budget.

We will distribute the magazine throughout all Antigua Barbuda Hotels and Association member businesses, including over 3000 hotel rooms, restaurants, bars, and shops across the island. Our distribution strategy will ensure that all copies are removed and replaced with new ones to maintain the magazine's freshness.

The magazine is written specifically for visiting tourists, providing them with all the information they need for the best possible experience in Antigua & Barbuda. We cover a full range of touristic offerings, including tours and excursions, restaurants, hotels, spas & wellbeing, shopping, and investment opportunities. This approach ensures maximum exposure for advertisers, giving them a significant reach to visiting tourists.