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We are here for another discussion, focusing on the advantages of building a property in Antigua instead of buying a resale. In Antigua, there are reputable builders and developments that offer the opportunity to customise your home according to your preferences, especially for those seeking a modern design. Building a property can provide immediate capital gains once the construction is complete, as there is a limited supply of new houses on the market. Additionally, new homes require less maintenance compared to buying a pre-built property. Building from scratch allows you to personalise your home, incorporating desired features such as a master bedroom layout, barbecue area, sauna, or gym. New homes also tend to have better designs, with improved integration of indoor and outdoor spaces. The process of building a property in Antigua is often simplified and handled by a single contractor, making it less overwhelming for individuals located far away. In terms of cost, a reasonable estimate for a completed build is around $500 per square foot, considering the finishing details. However, prices can vary depending on the level of customisation and finishes chosen. It is important to establish a budget and communicate it to the builder from the beginning. Despite the potentially higher costs of building supplies, there is still potential for financial gain when choosing to build.