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Getting the builders in?  

For most of us it is not something that we might think of as a good idea, building a home thousands of miles from where we live, however for some who visit Antigua there is an irresistable urge to build a home from home on their perfect plot.  We at Luxury Locaitons have worked alongside many builders and contractors in Antigua building homes from a few hundred thousand dollars all the way up to construction costing twenty million dollars or more.  If it sounds like the scariest thing you might ever do, you might well be wrong!  

Nadia Dyson speaks to Pauls Smith of CG construction, who explains that the majority of their clients do not live in Antigua, and typically reside thousands of miles from Antigua.  As a result of this massive distance and inability to pop round and check on building progress the builidng industry has adapted and changed to allow clients to view their house being built in on a daily basis.  CG Construction are connected to clients every day providing images, videos and regualr communication updates as to progress.  This connectivity to the build process allows for clients to see exactly what is happening and make changes if needed so that their exact needs are met.

A second aspect which has developed very significantly in the builidng industry in Antigua is a true turnkey service offering.  Where in North America or Europe a contractor might form part of a larger group consisting of a variety of different individuals such as, architects, designers, planning consultants, surveyors, engineers, plumbers, electricians etc etc.  For a prospective cleint in Antigua this could become a veritable minefield of confusion and frustrations.  Again the service offerings in Antigua have developed so as to encapsulate all the vaious aspects into one single point of contact if required.  As an example, once a parcel of land is identified as a prospective option, CG construction can assist from that point from design, permits, plans, surveys al the way to passing you a cold refreshing beer as you take in the sunset from your beautiful new property for the first time.

We davise only using experienced, reputable contractors when building or refurbishing a property. CG Construction, one of Antigua’s largest and oldest building firms, is the brains and muscle behind scores of high-end villas and commercial projects across the island. 

Watch the video to learm more and hear from Paul Smith directly.  Suscribe here to our YouTube channel so you never miss a video!