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Take a birds eye look at the amazing coast line of one of the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean as we follow Jet Ski Antigua on their west coast tour.

The tour arranged by Jet Ski Antigua follows the west coast from Deep Bay down to Turners Beach. The west coast of Antigua is one of the most spectacular in the Caribbean and epitomises the quintessential Caribbean island with long deserted white sand beaches in abundance.

Looking at the aerial scenery, the abundance of beaches on the west coast of Antigua can be realised, there are very few Caribbean islands which have a fraction of the white sand beaches that Antigua has. It is no wonder that it is claimed there is a beach for every day of the year.

The tour is operated by professional trained guides who provide all training required for the excursion. First on the tour is basic training on how to handle and control the jet ski with confidence. Once all the guests have had a chance to familiarise themselves with the skis the tour commences from Hawksbill beach and heads north to Deep Bay where a 100ft submerged ship wreck can be seen sitting in only 25 ft of water. the tour then heads south down the coast past Galley Bay Hotel, Hawksbill Beach, Pinchin Beach, and across Five Islands Harbour to Pearns Point. The tour heads around Pearns Point into Jolly Harbour entrance and through the multitude of sailing yachts that use the anchorage there. Around Reeds Point and into Jolly Bay, past Jolly Beach Hotel, Cocos, Coco Bay, and on toward Fryes Beach and Tamarind Hills to Darkwood Beach and finally Turners Beach. The tour then stops for a break before making the return journey up the coast back to its origin at Hawksbill Beach Resort.

Nadia Dyson from Luxury Locations took the tour to get a first person experience of the tour and the west coast, filmed by Sam Dyson clinging to the back of another jet-ski, the tour covered approximately fourteen miles of the Antiguan coastline of the Caribbean Sea. To learn more about this tour please visit their website or contact Luxury Locations and we can book all your tours for you.

The total tour is approximately two hours and includes a beach and swimming break.